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They pull blackheads from the skin in seconds – you can even see it working. They can’t be bad can they?

It pretty much seems obvious doesn’t it?

Breakouts are a result of inflammation, inflammation in the skin is caused by trauma (be that physical trauma, bacteria eating away at the skin walls, toxins, oxidation or the myriad of other things the skin gets in a hiss over).

Sooo… sucking the skin up which such force as to expel a sticky bung of dead skin and skin oil from a pore surely can’t be a good idea? “But they’re used in salons!” the sucka mob cry – yes, but for lymphatic manipulation not blackhead removal.


All that sucking is stripping your skin of oil, pulling blood and other tissues towards the surface, dilating capillaries & causing trauma…which will lead to more blocked pores and inflammation and of course breakouts. That’s not to mention broken blood vessels can be permanent (telangiectasia 🤓 think thin, red thread-like blood vessels on the skin) which requires laser surgery to correct.😳

“Ah” they cry “but my skins not that temperamental, it can take it without breaking out and I can’t take these blackheads”

Lucky you, but have you considered the fact that it may not be blackheads being beamed up into the starship sucka but Sebaceous filaments?

“Sebaceous what?”

Look closely small, pin-like dots on the tip of your nose. If the dots are quite dark, then you’re most likely looking at blackheads. If they have a clear-ish/gray/yellow tinge, what you’re extracting are sebaceous filaments. Blackheads have a plug-like appearance when extracted, whereas sebaceous filaments squeeze as a free-flowing column of wax-like sebum.

Like a drunken friend in a relationship crisis, you can never completely get rid of sebaceous filaments. You can forcibly extract them, but they’ll come back after a few days. Meanwhile, your wrecking your skin in pursuit of perfection.

There are much better ways of tackling blackheads without resulting to physical scrubbing, scratching or sucking the skin. Using heat compresses or skin acids responsibly is one. Considering lifestyle and dietary changes is another.

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