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Eating more healthy fats is one of the best ways of improving your skin health. Fats help to balance hormones, detoxify the liver, heal the gut lining, reduce inflammation, balance insulin levels and enable the body to better absorb certain nutrients such as Vitamin A…& we all know how important vitamin A is for the skin (if you don’t, the answers very)

Speaking as a person who practically lived off fat-free yogurt for the last 3 years the idea of eating more fat seems alien but there is a growing body of evidence that a high fat/low carb diet is not only good for your skin, its good for your overall health.

But, there are buts.

➕ If you have an under-performing metabolism you might struggle to produce enough energy, so you’ll feel very tired doing this

➕ If you have adrenal or thyroid issues you might require more carbs (not pizza – but potatoes, carrots, squashes etc) to help blood sugar regulation & hormone conversion.

➕ If you have infections or candida issues then a high fat, low carb diet might not help these conditions.

So YMMV & the best way is try it incrementally – see how your body behaves. Incremental is the key – small changes consistently done are easier to follow, last longer & have a better chance of obtaining the results you want.

“How?!” you cry.

Make small changes – like adding nuts & seeds to your meals. You could swap out eating raw vegetables for ones roasted or stir fried in ghee, coconut oil or duck fat. As a double bonus this will boost fat intake & help your body absorb more nutrients from the vegetables. When the weathers more salad friendly, you can try adding high fat healthy foods to them (think seeds, salmon, olive oil dressing, goats cheese, avocado). I’ve read adding melted fat to smoothies (think ghee, coconut oil or butter) can make the smoothie creamer and filling, and a quick google for “fat bombs” always provides ample non-sugary snack choices.

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