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If your goal is clear skin your journey might be something like this – your skin breaks out so you buy an acne product. In the first few weeks your breakouts calm…but then things start to get worse again. So you buy another acne product, this time slightly stronger. And repeat but your skin gets repeatedly worse. Repeat. Eventually you reach prescription strength products, antibiotics & accutane. Your journey to clear skin from that first breakout takes years & the damage to your skin, body & self take even longer.


Those early products focus on reducing oil or killing bacteria. But they don’t tackle the other parts of the acne forming process or care for your skin. Tackling only parts of the process increases skin oil production, disrupts the bacterial balance, damages the skin barrier, causes irritation, ingredient sensitivity , inflammation & more breakouts. Prescription products have prescription side effects. For some, prescription is the only route (& we’re all for that) but for many its unnecessary side effects that could have been avoided. Clear skin is achieved, but not happily.

Now lets take the path of happy skin – you rethink acne skin care & focus on treating all parts of the acne process & maintaining skin health. You start with cutting back on products, focus on hydration and repair & use only 1 product for each part of the acne process. You choose products that are scientifically proven & won’t damage your skin. You identify & understand your triggers & make subtle changes to your lifestyle to avoid them. The skin becomes happily healthy, the skin barrier repairs, skin oil & bacteria levels normalize & clear skin follows.

Happy skin takes months. Unhappy skin takes years.

We think everyone deserves to have happy skin which is why we make skin plans to make your skin happy.

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