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Do you live in an area of hard water? It could be a contributing factor towards your breakouts.

With a high mineral content hard water can contribute to dry and flaky skin, clogging pores and skin irritation. The higher calcium content of hard water may also cause loss of skin moisture. Skin issues can also be caused by other heavy metals found in hard water such as copper, iron, lead, and zinc, with calcium and magnesium attributed to causing skin oils to become comedogenic and form waxy plugs that clog pores and lead to further breakouts, inflammation, flare-ups and irritation.

Have you found this at home – or is all well, until you go on holiday or stay away from home?

It could be you’re washing in hard water… This could be as a result of your skin tolerating your home water, but water in different towns and cities (especially overseas) is highly likely to contain different levels of these mineral and metals, and could be the cause of why your skin goes haywire.

Remember, hard water does NOT cause acne: hard water and acne don’t mix well. Minerals in the water do not remove soap effectively from your skin and contributes to drier skin; blocks pores; results in breakouts.

Helpful Hints: use a home filtration system, but note these do not eliminate all the hard water metals; boiled water when cooled can be placed in the fridge for use as washing water; distilled water (not liked by all); bottled water; anhydrous products (no water required); consider products that include ‘chelators’ (prevents heavy metals from entering pores); use gentle cleansers and apply a moisturiser after washing.

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