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Let’s me start with some honesty – this is not the matrix, there is no one pill (currently) that is going to magically change your world & make acne go away. There is however a LOT of scientific evidence that acne sufferers can be deficient in certain nutrients & by supplementation acne severity can be reduced. Now a quick word to the ‘diet cure’ purists – yes, supplementation is not an alternative to good diet. A good diet is massively important. But, food cannot always provide enough of a certain nutrient to be effective in the amounts you can physically eat. Supplements can. Therefore supplements..well supplement..a good diet. They do not replace but they have their place. OK – on with the science…


The 4 supplements are not new & there is no trade secret here – Zinc, Evening Primrose Oil, Green Tea & Probiotics. There are others (think multivitamins, digestive enzymes, vitamin A & Omega-3) but these 4 have good clinical data for reducing acne severity.


ZINC: People with acne have 24% lower levels than those without acne. Zinc has been shown to decrease inflammatory acne lesions by half over 3 months.


EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: Evening Primrose Oilcontains GLA, an essential fatty acid which plays a role in insulin absorption and has be shown to decrease inflammatory acne acne by almost half, & non-inflammatory acne by 20%. GLA is slightly more effective than Omega-3 & of course Evening Primrose Oil is vegan friendly.


GREEN TEA: Green tea reduces the sensitivity of skin to androgen hormones by blocking androgen receptors in the skin. It is also strongly anti-inflammatory & can dampen the inflammatory response to acne-causing bacteria. Clinical studies showed a 20% reduction in skin reddening after ingesting a daily supplement of 450 mg green tea extract.


PROBIOTICS: Studies show decreases in acne inflammatory lesion count by almost 40%, & decreases in total lesion & acne grade by around 1/5 over a 12 period when the patients consumed Lactobacillus probiotics.


Taking supplements isn’t going to change your skin overnight – think more 90 days of consistent supplementation – and taking more than the RDA isn’t going to speed things up either (it can cause you harm if you take over the RDA for a prolonged period) but the science is quite conclusive – making sure your body has everything it needs to fight acne formation is the first step to being acne free. Beauty starts within.

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