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If your usual start to the day is toast or cereal, you might want to reconsider as these both have a high carbohydrate content and not only fuel sugar cravings later in the morning but also may be contributing towards your acne.

All acne is hormonal to some degree. The hormones Insulin and the insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) increase sebum production and skin cell growth and its these which contribute to a blocked pore, and are linked to acne. Insulin and IGF-1 are also linked to blood sugar levels. As you eat carbohydrates your blood sugar levels increase and your body responds by releasing insulin to bring them down again. The more frequently you eat carbohydrates, the more available Insulin and IGF-1 become and the more likelihood of blocked pores.


It doesn’t stop there though. Sugar is also bad for inflammation. In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition healthy men were given one can of Soda (that’s pop to us Brits) per day for 3 weeks and their inflammation levels went up by 87%. Inflammation is linked to sebum damage and research has shown that it’s this inflammation of sebum that triggers acne – not bacteria. Bacteria adds to existing inflammation, but do not start the process.


If you begin your day with some lean protein instead of carbs you start off the right way for your skin to be happy. Protein-rich foods promote a slower energy release than sugary ones, meaning you’re less likely to crash and burn.


They also have a higher satiety rate, leaving you fuller for longer. Tuna (Protein content: 94% of calories), Kefir Greek Yogurt (Protein content: 40% of calories), Eggs (Protein content: 35% of calories in a whole egg), and Oats (Protein content: 15% of calories) are simple ways to start your day high in protein.

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