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Powerful combined therapy. Evidence-based and extremely effective, yet still gentle on your skin.



Innovative photoacoustic technology accelerates anti-aging and firmness.


Skincare that provides the fuel for change and stops future fine lines.


Evidence based nutrition gives the foundation for youth at a strength that’s right for you.


The synergistic combination fits into your daily routine.


“We believe that by combining different therapeutic approaches together we can create a result that is greater than each treatment alone. We call this synergistic therapy.”

REGENESIS combines led light therapy, acoustic facial massage, innovative skincare and optimal nutrition to switch on and fuel collagen production in your body, depuff tired eyes, freeze wrinkle formation and rehydrate tired itchy skin. Through Regenesis you will reinvigorate the appearance of aging skin to achieve a more glowing, younger looking skin.


The REGENESIS LED therapy light uses proven 633nm (red) light. 633nm light has been clinically proven to trigger collagen and elastin production by stimulating the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy source for all cells(1). With this extra energy, the cells are able to respond better to damage and rejuvenate themselves through a process called Photophosphorylation. The end result is an accelerated increase in collagen production and skin rejuvenation.


Our Photoacoustic device micro vibrates the skin to create acoustic shear stresses which gently reduce fluid retention and improve lymphatic drainage, while stimulating the action of fibroblasts—the precursors to collagen.

Clinically, acoustic massage has been shown to produce a 15% increase in net collagen in lab tests over an 8 day period(2).

In ex vivo studies, participants noted a significant decrease in facial wrinkles and sagging after acoustic massage(3).


Our Innovative dual serum fuels and accelerates the growth of new collagen and elastin while simultaneously refilling wrinkles naturally from within the skin and freezing the muscles which cause frown lines. Formulated with the optimum amounts of Copper Peptide, Amino Acids, Vitamin C and Ribose to fuel collagen formation while Argireline (which has a mild Botox effect) and dual-weight Hyaluronic Acid help relax your muscles and plump skin to prevent future wrinkles.


Our nutraceuticals contain a complex of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These provide the body with the necessary building blocks for healthy skin cells and collagen, as well as maintaining appropriate stores of antioxidant defenses against free-radical damage(4).

Our Collagen has a small molecular size of less than 3000 daltons that pass straight through the gut without having to be broken down by the stomach, allowing it to be readily absorbed into the body, without need for further encapsulation. Most Collagen supplements have a size greater than 5000 dalton and are not as well absorbed or require additional encapsulation.

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Our comprehensive dermatology team includes medical physicists, nutritionists and formulation scientists. All of whom are also resources for your questions.

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