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Microcurrent Spa Mask


The microcurrent spa mask is a medical-grade silicone reusable sheet mask that can be used with any of your favorite serums and moisturizers (or sheet masks) to give you a real Spa facemask and facial lift in just 15 minutes. Welcome to the sheet mask of the future.

Portable, travel-friendly anti-ageing mask uses electrical pulses to firm and tone the face.
Use with sheet masks or your favorite serums to help repair and strengthen the foundation of your skin from the inside and out.

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The 28 Day Skin Microcurrent Spa Mask is a reusable medical grade silicone sheet mask that can be used with either with a traditional sheet mask or (if you are in the reusable sheet mask scene) any of your favorite serums and moisturizers to create a mask experience unique to you (and if you use moisturisers or serums its without the single-use waste).
The silicone layer acts as an occlusive and prevents the active ingredients and moisture (in your serums or sheet mask) evaporating making them work harder giving a more plump glow (silicone sheet masks are touted to be the tiktok trend for summer 22). But that’s not all the 28 Day Skin Microcurrent Spa Mask uses tiny rejuvenating microcurrent waves both to tighten your face while gently activating facial muscles for an effective, toning workout that lifts and de-puffs tired skin and to push skin-repairing ingredients to the deepest layers of your skin to repair and strengthen the foundation of your skin from the inside and out (a process called iontophoresis).

The only portable, reusable, home-use microcurrent spa sheet mask that allows you to tone and mask at the same time. Say goodbye to aching arms from holding handheld microtoners and single-use sheet masks forever.

How is this different to other electrical masks like Franz Masks?
Unlike other systems which use an ultra-low power ion-cell, the 28 Day Skin Microcurrent Spa Mask uses a 67mW microcurrent to truly stimulate facial muscle while delivering skin-nourishing key ingredients to the deepest layer of the skin. Ion-cell face masks do not have enough electrical power to activate your face muscles. This electrical output is lower than traditional EMS stimulation (which can be uncomfortable) but high enough to gently flex and release fine facial features.

Our portable microcurrent face mask can help hydrate and firm the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Use for 10-15 minutes two to three times a week for visible results within 4 weeks.


Additional information

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 5 cm

How to use

To use this mask system, you start with clean dry skin.
We recommend you use with either our Skin Repair Serum or our Enriching sheet masks to get the full benefit.
Fit the mask to your face ensuring that the fit is close, fit the microcurrent module and activate using the remote control.
Remove the microcurrent module before cleaning.

What's included

  • Microcurrent Spa Mask
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