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People often say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going & this is very true for battling breakouts. The secret to clear skin isn’t at the bottom of a bottle, it’s to be consistent.

Products which work on clearing your breakouts do so by either reducing bacterial levels, clearing blocked pores, reducing skin oil production or calming inflammation or by a combination. Whichever way the product works nature does what it can to get back to the way it was. If you kill bacteria, bacteria will regrow. If you clear blocked pores, the mechanism behind the blocked pore will soon recongest the pore. If you reduce sebum over production or inflammation, the reasons behind these will make them reoccur.

This is why, if you use a product & don’t stay consistent with its use, your skin will not improve. The actives in skincare take time to have any significant effect (at least two or three skin cycles of time – a skin cycle is around 28-45 days) and you must give it this amount of time to see any results. This is also why if you keep trying different products ad hoc you won’t see results – except maybe some skin irritation. This is also why you should be wary of “my skin cleared in just 48 hours” type of marketing – the only thing that clears in 48 hours is your bank balance.

The real secret is to create a skin plan – a plan to use a one product for tackling each part of the acne forming chain (see our earlier posts) for at least 12 weeks. And then stick to it. Don’t stick to it for a week, then try some new product, then take a break, then try something else. Doing this will let your skin adapt and allow you to see actual progress, work out what works (and what doesn’t) and in the process save you a heap of cash on failed products (that might have worked had you have given them a chance).

Without wanting to sound to salesy, 28 Day Skin is a collection of skin plans which do just that and its worth a quick look at our website to see if what we do will work for you. That said, you can create your own skin plans, and however you decide to move ahead we hope you do so consistently and with some thought on what products do and how best to combine them.

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