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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a 28DaySkin plan and why do I care?

The 28DaySkin plan has been developed by chemists, nutrition coaches and mental health professionals to reduce the appearance of your acne and give you clearer skin. The plan focuses on your health and wellbeing working with your 28 day skin cycle and provides you with everything your skin, body and mind needs to achieve happy skin and a happy you.

Every month, for three months, we’ll send you skincare products and supplements to feed your skin and body, a phototherapy device with plug ins, a skincare journal and access to join the 28 Day Skin plan community.

The first package will treat the cause of the acne, the second package will repair the damage that the acne has caused, and the final package will help you maintain the visible improvements.

What makes your skin plan any different from much cheaper counterparts?

The 28DaySkin plan doesn’t make false promises. Our plan takes 12 weeks to complete. In this time, your skin’s 28 day regeneration cycle occurs three times; the time needed to treat the cause, repair the damage and set the foundations for happier skin.

It combines skincare products, nutrition and phototherapy to improve your skin’s appearance. The plan also gives you access to the 28DaySkin community where like-minded individuals share their stories in a safe environment.

How does a 28 Day Skin plan work to stop acne?

With the plan you’ll receive serums, nutritional supplements and phototherapy technology. Everything in the plan is there to restore your natural balance; to treat the causes of your acne and to regulate your hormones and your inflammation response.

To stop acne in its tracks the plan removes the bad bacteria that thrives in blocked pores, repairs the skin’s barrier, balances the natural oil production and supports the good bacteria needed to keep skin strong enough to fight off infection.

Who should use a 28 Day skin plan?

The plan has been created for anyone wanting to reduce the appearance of their acne and improve the look of their skin with an understanding that it’s not a quick fix.

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