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Obtaining clear skin is a marathon, not a sprint. Quick fix products are great for just that, quick fixes. Patches, serums and blue lights are great but the results they give are temporary & acne breakouts will almost always return.

Why is this?

Well its because behind the pimples there is an entire acne forming process driven by inflammation and hormones. We call this the acne forming chain (check out our earlier posts). To truly tackle acne you have to tackle imbalanced levels of hormones & inflammation.

The hormones which are imbalanced are a family called androgens, which include testosterone, DHT & DHEA. These control skin oil production. Skin oil contributes to blocked pores. Blocked pores provide the environment for bacteria to thrive yada yada inflammation & acne.

“How can I balance androgens?”! you cry. DIM we reply.

DIM is a compound found in cruciferous veggies like kale & broccoli & it works by blocking testosterone. When testosterone is adequate or high & estrogen is relatively low (as seen in males, menopause, andropause or PCOS) DIM will bind and activate estrogen receptors to increase estrogen activity while blocking the androgen receptors to decrease testosterone activity.

Who cares? You will.

The result is a reduction in testosterone (and relating hormones like DHEA & DHT) & a reduction in skin oil and a reduction in breakouts for those with oily, acne-prone skin.

Brilliant! 🎉Yes. But its going to take time. At least 90 days. Once you’ve gotten the okay from your doctor we suggest taking 75-150 mg a day. There are lots of DIM supplements available online, look for a brand with microencapsulated DIM, which is the form that’s best absorbed by the body.

It’s important to note, even the best supplement can’t out smart a good diet. Your diet really is a key factor in battling acne & supplements only serve to support your diet changes – cutting out foods like sugar, carbs play a huge part in clearing the skin.

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